Blogging Cleanse + Rebranding

Hi Y’all, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. I took 8 credits of classes over the summertime so I didn’t have much time for anything else but I’m so very happy to be back!

During my time off I starting thinking about my brand and what it truly means so here I am to tell y’all. My blog is an affordable/fashion and lifestyle blog that goes deeper than just the outfits. I’ve already been taking some blogging courses as well as budging my outfits more so that I can produce high quality content for my readers while still staying true to my brand. I haven’t always implemented these practices in the past but I’m very excited to start now. I can’t wait for this slight change and am so glad to be back fully refreshed! (:
Affordable brands that I’m loving right now are Hollister, Forever 22, TJMaxx, Pink Lily, and Plato’s closet is killin it right now.
Now that you have a sneak peak into the new brand I’m going to rap this post up with a goodbye for now and a see you soon!
Xo -A

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