My How to Get Long + Healthy Hair Secrets


Hello Babes! It has been awhile since I’ve actually blogged on here because I just started my new job at the preschool and was taking three summer classes so that I can graduate next May! I am so happy to be starting my senior year of college in the fall, to graduate, and to teach full time because teaching has always been my passion (since I was three years old) lol. This is such an exciting year for me and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me on this amazing journey called life (:

I get a lot of questions on Instagram about how I have such thick and healthy hair and I am so excited to share my secret vitamins with y’all!

The vitamins are by Nature’s Bounty and you get 230 vitamins for 15 dollars. Can you buy them at grocery stores? Yes, absolutely! However, I have priced them everywhere and online is the only place where you can get 230 of them for 15 dollars! Ever since I have been using these gummies I have noticed a huge difference in my hair as well as nails! My hair is healthier thicker and is growing like crazy! The gummies also taste amazing because they are strawberry flavored. Even Aldin takes them every time he comes over because he loves the taste so much!

Other tips that I have to get healthy hair is;

1: Don’t wash your hair everyday! Use dry shampoo instead. I have linked below my favorite dry shampoo down below!

2: Go as natural as possible- Before I started blogging my hair was bleach blonde and was really taking a tole on my hairs health! Which is one of the reasons why I went back to my natural strawberry blonde color!

Overall, these vitamins as well as following those tips will defiantly improve the quality of your hair!

It truly feels so good to be back at blogging and I hope y’all continue to follow along on my journey!

Thanks for reading babes!

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