The Perfect Sunflower Romper For Summertime.

Hey y’all! Sunflower season is right around the corner and if you follow me on Instagram you can probably tell that I love everything flowers and florals, however, sunflowers are defiantly my favorite flower. There’s just something about how bright and cheery they are! I actually have six huge fake ones sitting in my room that Aldin got for me for our six month anniversary and I love waking up to them everyday! So if you’re looking for some pretty flowers in your home and or room you defiantly should go to Hobby Lobby and check out their fake sunflowers! They also are now selling real ones at the grocery stores. Yay for sunflowers! Visiting a sunflower field is number one on my list for the summertime as well and I really cannot wait to go see the endless fields of beauty!

I also found a beautiful spot to take pictures at for this shoot. It’s almost like a botanical garden area with a fountain and everything that is conveniently right in my neighborhood so I didn’t have to travel far at all in this hot summer heat here in Texas… (sigh).

Now let’s talk about this romper! I’m normally not a fan of black clothing, however if the clothing item has anything floral print on it then it immediately turns into a total must- have for me. This sunflower romper is so perfect for the summertime because it’s very comfy and casual but still has the fun details on it such as the little fun pom poms on in and of course the best part is the sunflowers! I actual really like how the romper is black because it really makes the sunflowers stand out and look more beautiful than ever! I also think that this romper is great for all the black dress/romper lovers because it adds a fun twist to the simple black dress/romper style.

I bought this romper for OASAP and there is a lot of controversy about their site because it is an online asian clothing store. I came across their site when I was specifically searching for a romper like this one. I ordered a size XS and I had no problems with this romper running small at all. As you can see it fits perfect and the quality of it looks good. I’ve also had it for about three summers now and still haven’t had any problems with it! So I would defiantly say yes to ordering this super cute sunflower  romper as I really do love it! Shipping does take a bit longer so except for that but other than that I love the quality of it so much!

Down below I’ve linked some other sunflower printed rompers/dresses as well as this exact one for y’all to check out! Have a great rest of the week and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to never miss out on a blog post and to see my daily outfits!

Xo- A

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