The Best Place to Shop for Denim Shorts

Happy Thursday y’all! Thursdays always make me so happy because it means that the weekend is basically here. I have two more finals this week and then I will be done for the semester and my summer will have officially started. Yay! I also treated myself to a Starbucks today and made up a “Treat Myself Thursday” saying on my Instagram stories ( and if you don’t follow me on there then you totally should) because I got a Strawberry Frappuccino  but I did get a light one so I think thats okay right?… (lol). Anyways, today I wanted to share with y’all where I get all my denim shorts from as well as jeans! Fun Fact: My mom took my pictures for this post and I honestly had the best time ever as we couldn’t stop laughing at some of the awful shots she took. Obviously not pictured in this post!

I get all of my denim shorts and jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch and or Hollister. Most people don’t think to shop at these places because when they think of Abercrombie they think of collared shirts with the moose on them which is so far from reality! Yes, a few years ago their style was this way but not anymore! As an employee there for three years I can honestly tell you that they have the cutest denims. They really are the only brand of denim shorts, skirts, as well as jeans that I truly feel 100% confident in! I personally love the high-waisted ones that I have on in these photos here but they also have low-rise denim shorts if that is more your style. Either way these denim shorts are seriously a must-have essential for the summertime and I can honestly say that 99% of my denim shorts are from Abercrombie and or Hollister and the best part is is that their denim shorts are usually on sale! And if you are looking for some jeans I can’t even remember a time that their jeans weren’t 40% off! Another amazing thing is that they make your butt look amazing! Yes I seriously just said that! (haha) So grab your pair of denim shorts today by shopping this post!

As always thanks so much for reading!

Xo- A

4 thoughts on “The Best Place to Shop for Denim Shorts

  1. Love this. Just discovering new blogs and I love the cute photoshoot. I cant wear denim because of a skin disease but I am o so jealous! They’re cute!

  2. I haven’t shopped at Abercrombie since 8th grade! Haha! I will have to try them again. Back in the day, the prices were so outrageous for such bad quality clothing.

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