Summer Date Ideas on a Budget

Hey Lovelies! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Once school lets out and Memorial Day weekend hits to me it seems like the start of summer especially when it’s literally 100 degrees here in Texas! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a date to have fun with your significant other. Usually the simple and free things always end up being more fun in my opinion. Sometimes summer can get a bit boring if you’re used to a busy schedule during the school year like I am so today I decided to share fun summer date ideas that won’t break the bank and that will keep you busy all summer long!

1). Go to Costco- They always have free samples and neat things to look at. They also have really good, low priced ice cream sundaes to eat in between or while shopping there. Also, Aldin and I got a 14 dollar cake there that was so yummy (:

2). Find a good bike and or hiking trail in your area. Hiking trails are always fun and a good way to get out and exercise especially since most of them are shaded by the trees! Bike riding is also a super fun activity for the summertime.

3). Drive to see wild flowers and take cute pictures.  This one is my favorite! I’m such a flower child and I love photography maybe because I’m a spring baby? Anyways, there are plenty of beautiful wild flower farms and fields that are less than 5 dollars or free to go to and walk around as well as to take pictures at.

4). Have a beach day. Soak up that Vitamin D by spending a day at the beach. You can pack a cooler full of snacks and drinks to last you the whole day!

5). Have a picnic in the park. This is honestly so sweet and romantic and is way less exspensive than going out to eat.

6). Have a game night- You can find games and puzzles at the dollar store or at Toys R US. The one in our area is closing so everything is being sold at a discounted price!

7). Workout together- This is always a fun thing to do together because you’re working on being your best selves together. You can workout at home as well. You don’t need a gym membership to workout.

8). Clean out each other’s closets and have a garage sale– We recently had a garage sale and I made 250 and got to clean out my closet to make room for well.. more clothes! haha just kidding, maybe?!

9). Play with sidewalk chalk or bubbles–  This one defiantly brings out the inner kid in me! You can buy chalk and bubbles very reasonably priced at the dollar store or make your own! Their are plenty of awesome bubble and chalk recipes on Pinterest that are so much fun to make.

10). Redbox movies or Netflix because who doesn’t like a good movie with popcorn and candy? Redbox movies are literally a dollar and they are always restocking their movies up. Just don’t forget to return them on time. (lol).

11). Go to a farmers market- These are so so fun! They have so much fresh produce and products that are all natural and are reasonably priced.

12). Rent out a kayak. Aldin and I have yet to do this but it’s defiantly on our bucket list! Kayaking is so much fun and many parks have them to rent out for an hour or so.

I hope y’all find these ideas helpful and decide to try them out! Also you can shop my fun patriotic look down below.

Happy Summer (:

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