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Happy Monday Friends! I had such a great weekend full of baby shower fun! I was so excited and happy to be able to help decorate at my friends baby shower. If you can’t tell by now she’s having a boy and the shower was safari themed! How cute is that?! I don’t know about y’all but I always seem to be invited to a lot of wedding/baby showers in the spring/summer time and I found the perfect baby blue dress for the occasion. This dress is so comfortable and cute and is literally the perfect shade of baby blue. It is also super soft and comfy that I even wore it around the house all day after I got home from the shower!

Below I have also listed some cute gift ideas for a baby shower. No I do not have kids of my own but I am a nanny and have been around kids forever and I know as a young girl in her twenties it can be hard to know what gifts to give for a baby shower while being on a budget, so below I have listed some gifts that I bought for my friend for her shower! Also, I sized up on all the clothing because most people at baby showers give clothes that are sized 0-3 months!

1). Baby Rompers: How cute are rompers for babies?! I found these super cute baby rompers at TJ Maxx and the best part about them is that they are Carters brand but you can get them at TJ Maxx for a discounted price. I think these are perfect for babies in the summer especially if you live somewhere that gets super hot in the summer like I do. I also love the super cute whale and elephant print that are on each one of these baby rompers.

2). Baby Overalls, Socks, and Bibs: All of these items are defiantly essentials for babies since babies are very messy and babies always need a good pair of socks to wear! As a nanny I know how essential these things are for babies as the babies I have watched are always getting themselves dirty and are always loosing socks! (lol).

3). Honest Company Shampoo + Baby Lotion, Rubber Duckies, and Healthcare Kit: The honest company shampoo + baby lotion is great for babies because it is made with all natural products so you can make sure that the baby will not be allergic to it! I also think that a healthcare kit and rubber duckies are nice gifts because babies do love bath time and these rubber ducks are so cute for them to play and have fun with for bath time! The healthcare kit would defiantly be good for moms to have for when their babies get sick.

4). A personalized baby picture: This is my favorite gift by far because they can put their babies foot and hand print in the little picture spaces and then in the middle it has a place for them to put a full-sized picture of the baby! I think this would look cute in any babies room and adds the perfect personalized touch and that any new mom would love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Comment down below if you have any baby showers coming up (:

Xo- A

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