90’s Trend Spring Look.

If any of y’all are 90’s babies you can remember the overall trend being in. I remember I used to have a pink pair from the Oshkosh brand when I was younger and my mom would always put me in them which is why I was so excited when I started seeing them in nearly every store front again! These ones that I have on now are from Forever 21 and they have a ton of different styles and shades of denim for very reasonably priced! These overalls are so comfortable. They almost remind me of a jean romper and I think they look best with a white striped shirt under them but you can also pair them with a plain white shirt or a red shirt for more of a southern feel. I also think that are great for more petite smaller girls like myself because it really shows off our figure! These are perfect for a casual day out! I wore mine to Market Street which is like a strip mall here in Texas and got a ton of compliments and saw a few other girls walking around with them on.  Anyone else loving the overall trend? Leave it in the comments below! Happy Hump Day Babes! XoXo- A

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