The Best Ice Cream Shop in Austin TX. + My Polaroid Camera

Hello Friends! Are you wondering what to do in Austin Tx and where to go? Well I’m about to share a place with you that you must go to! I got so many comments and questions whenever I posted a picture of me at this place on Instagram about where I was at and how cute it was, so here I am sharing it with y’all so let’s dive in.

Aldin and I adventured out to Austin Tx over spring break and found the cutest ice cream shop called Moojo’s. Here you can customize your own ice cream sandwiches and they have many yummy cookie choices to choose from as well as ice creams! They also have swings to sit on instead of chairs and it really is the cutest place ever and I’m so sorry I didn’t share it before, but luckily for you there is still time to go. If you’re taking a summer trip to Austin you need to visit this too cute for words shop! Not only is it cute but there ice cream sandwiches are seriously amazing! Mine was gone within 5 minutes… of course after taking all these pictures for y’all! (:

Now let me take about this outfit! These shorts and cropped top are two of my favorites from Abercrombie and Fitch. Most people don’t know that Abercrombie and Fitch has cute and trendy clothes but I’m here to tell you that they do! I would know considering the fact that I worked there for 3 years… (lol). Their style is not the typical moose collared shirts that they use to have! They have totally redone their brand and have very cute stuff now!

I also want to talk about this super cute polaroid camera! I bought this on amazon for only 60 dollars. It comes in many different colors and is a travel must -have! It really is so cute and takes great pictures! The pictures that it takes are perfect for hanging up in your room with clothes pins or for scrapbooking. Overall, this camera gives me total vintage vibes!

PS). Did you count how many times I said cute? (lol)

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to read this post! Until next time. XoXo- A

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