Pink Tasseled Kimono for Springtime

Hello Lovelies! Happy Monday! You can usually expect a blog post for me every Monday because Monday’s are always kind of weird as everyone is getting back into the routine of things so I want to get your Mondays’s on more of a routine by posting each and every Monday for you! This weekend was such an amazing weekend as I went to take pictures in the strip mall right by my house and ended up adventuring right into Charming Charlie’s where I found this super cute bright pink tasseled kimono and this “beach please” straw hat! I got five compliments on this kimono and three were from total strangers when I wore this out to top golf as well as dinner to eat yummy crawfish. Crawfish are defiantly a southern thing and if you have never eaten them before you should try them because they are amazing and low in carbs as well which is always an extra bonus in my book!

This bright pink tasseled kimono is perfect for a night out whenever it gets a bit chilly because it’s light weight and flowy and will still keep you warm without being too hot which is so important with our crazy Texas weather!  It is hot during the daytime and cold at nights. So crazy right?! Also, this kimono looks great paired with denim shorts or jeans and a plain white top because it really makes the beautiful vibrant pink stand out and get noticed! My favorite thing about this kimono is that it is bright pink of course and has the cutest colored tassels hanging from it. I also buy all my jeans and denim shorts from Abercrombie and Hollister as I worked at Abercrombie for three years and they really do have cute stuff despite what some people might think.

For me kimonos have always been an essential statement in my wardrobe for the springtime because they are so fun and playful.  I also have a few other floral ones, as well as some that are on my wishlist for this spring season that I have linked down below for y’all to check out.

Unfortunately Charming Charlie’s online site is getting redone so I was not able to link this same exact kimono but I have linked other beautiful kimonos from brands I trust!

Have a great rest of the week and thanks so much for stopping by!

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