Girls Trip to the Wineries.

This past weekend I had such an amazing time with the girls! Girls trips are always my favorite (sorry guys). Lol. If you are looking for a fun place to have a girls trip with the prettiest scenery I highly recommend going to Fredericksburg! We stayed at the cutest little house that you can rent out and they are perfect when you have four or more people!


A little about Fredericksburg

They are very well known for their wineries, tasting rooms, as well as their peaches. There’s pretty much wineries all over the town so I picked out my favorite ones of the weekend for y’all. Of course I didn’t have time to go to all of the wineries but I would love to come back and try some more and do a part 2 of this blog. What do y’all think? Also, this town is so cute that someone asked me on Instagram if I was in Napa Valley! Like how cool is that? Now here are the top 3 wineries that are defiantly worth a visit to help you have an amazing trip in Fredericksburg.

4.0 Tasting Room- This one was the very first one we visited. They give you three different wine lists to choose from. I chose the sweet wine list because I am 100% a sweet wine girl! For 15 dollars you get 6 wine tastings. A glass of wine is 6 dollars and a bottle is 19-25! They also have a cute courtyard where you can sit and drink your bottle of wine. My sorority sister ended up buying a bottle from here that was a sweet light wine and now I really regret not buying it!

Grape Creek- This one was by far my favorite! It was such a beautiful place. (This is actually the place where people asked me if I was in Napa Valley). They have a restaurant here that we ate at and the Ratatouille dish and the Margarita pizza were amazing! They also customize your wine to your meal and are very personable! To take a tour here it’s 35 dollars and you get to taste 3 wines from the tour and then another 6 wines for the actual tasting! At this winery you get to choose from a sweet or dry list. You can also become a member of their wine club which includes 15% off everything, two free tours and 15% off your dinner. You also get  3-12 bottles a year delivered to your house. (number depends on how many you want) in which you can pick between the different packages they have.
Wines I bought from here

Cheninblanc- a light crisp fruity wine but not to sweet.

Bellissimo- a dry red wine.

Serendipity- dry smooth wine! Defiantly worth the 41 dollars! You will not be disappointed.

Rosea- lighter sweet wine.

Fat Ass- Okay so this one we just stopped here because of the name! They have a super cute logo and I even bought Aldin a pair of boxers that say “Fat Ass” on them. Like ohh my gosh how funny and cute is that?! They also had other super cute gifts with their logo on it that you can purchase. So as far as the actual tasting you don’t get to choose between different lists. Everyone gets the same wines, 3 sweets and 2 drys. I ended up buying a wine from here that tastes just like lemonade! It has multiple fruits in it and is such a cute bottle! Perfect for a summer day to mix with ice and berries. The name of this amazing wine is Sangria Blanca.
Other wines I bought from here
Texas Red- light red blend wine.
Caberna- a red wine which is one of their best sellers!

Another great place to visit in Fredericksburg is Wildseed Farms! It is completely free to take pictures and to walk around. (This is the place where all my pictures with the pretty poppies were taken). I actually wrote a post on this a few weeks back if y’all want to check it out if you haven’t already! It’s under Lifestyle, Wildseed Flower Farm.

I hope this post was helpful to anyone who’s looking into going to the wineries in Fredericksburg! It really is the cutest little town and I’m sure y’all will fall in love with it just as much as I did! Also comment below if you have been to any of these wineries or are planning on going!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope y’all enjoyed Loves. XoXo- A

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