An Open Letter to the Girl in her Twenties.

Dear Girl, The twenties are hard trust me I know. I’m in them myself. Half your friends are getting married and having kids and the other half are single and partying. But what about you? What about the girl ultimately stuck in the middle of it all?
The girl who’s not quite ready to get married yet but who’s over the partying stage. The girl who’s friends have all gone separate ways and she suddenly feels alone at times. The closest connections she has is her blogger friends via internet and her best friend aka her boyfriend. This is okay embrace it love it and enjoy the middle stage. For the girl who decided to remove all the toxic people out of her life so now she has a very small inner circle. But is that really a bad thing? No I don’t think so because it’s quality over quantity but sometimes that’s so hard to understand when you see others having a large circle of friends. Embrace this. Make new friends. Learn to love. Stop playing the comparison game by comparing yourself to others but instead remember that life is all about learning laughing and loving and that every person is unique and has something different to offer than the others. To the twenty something year old girl who struggles with confidence just know that you are beautiful just because you’re you. To the twenty year old girl who has trouble fitting in just remember that not everything is as it seems on the outside and that everyone struggles in their own ways. To the twenty something year old girl having a bad day relax and take a bath and buy yourself some super cute bath bombs. Be patient. If you think you’ll never find love remember that God has someone picked out for you just be patient and kind and he will come into your life I promise. Self Reflect. Look back on yourself when you were in your teens and reflect on how far you’ve come and write down all your accomplishments. Their will be plenty to celebrate! To the girl who’s 23 years old today ME! You made it to 23 and you’ve learned a lot along the way such as self worth love and to stop worrying about things you can’t control and to just be you because that’s the most beautiful thing you can be.
I really hope y’all enjoyed this letter for all the girls in their twenties! This year I have truly learned the most and wanted to make a special post for y’all! XOXO-A

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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Girl in her Twenties.

  1. I loved this post! I’m 34 now but I remember those feelings you talked about. Just keep being you! Things fall into place! Enjoy your life!

  2. I love the message of this. I just turned twenty but I definitely can relate to everything you said! I never really got into the party stage. But many of my friends are still there and it does cause me to feel lonely sometimes. Actually, quite often. And then some of my other friends are already married with two kids. It’s so hard to believe that someone the same age as me is at such a completely different stage of life. I am truly happy for them. It’s so hard. It’s great to see someone else who can relate to the situation I find myself in. Thanks for sharing this post.

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