The Perfect Lilly Gift Guide For Spring.





Hello Babes! Today I decided to do a post about the perfect Lilly gifts that you can give this spring season from the Lilly Pulitzer collection and the best part is that you can find all these items on Amazon and get two day prime shipping! The reason I decided to do this gift guide is because most people don’t do a lot of gift guides when it’s not the holidays and I always feel like I’m stuck on what to get my friends and family members who have spring birthdays! And I as well am a spring baby. (:

Disclaimer). If you do decide to click on these links I do get a small percent of the profit from that. However, I have had all of these Lilly things for awhile now and actually use them and these are my true and honest opinions of these items.

Now let’s get started!

1): The Lilly Tumbler. There are two of these that you can purchase on Amazon. One of them has a straw and the other one has a lid like an isolated thermal lid. I believe that both of these are great for different things. One of them is great for cold drinks and the other for hot. You can purchase the straw one here for 18.25 (Garden Exotic print) and the thermal lid version Corals Lover print) for 14.00 down below.


2). The second gift that I love from Lilly is the Key Fob. This is a perfect gift for ladies who always loose their keys (like me). It also adds a bright pop of color to your keys without them being to heavy. You can purchase this one down below in the (coral lovers print) for 8.96.

3). The third gift that I love from Lilly is the Notebook! These come in mini as well as regular sized versions. I bought my mom the mini one in the Corals Lover print for her birthday and she loved it! It’s so cute and colorful and perfect to fit inside a purse. I also get the regular sized one for school each year and I love it so much. It’s so cute. You can purchase the mini one down below for 12 dollars in the (Gypsea print). You can purchase the regular sized notebook for 16 dollars in the (beach loot) print.

4). The fourth gift that I love is the Wine Tote! This one is great for wine lovers obviously lol. I bought this one for one of my best friends for her birthday and I think it makes the perfect gift. You can purchase the exact print that I bought her for 10.50 down below.

5). And the last and final gift is the Planner! This one is a wonderful gift for any small or large business owners as well as for high school or college students. I am on my third Lilly planner now and I literally can’t get enough of it! I write anything and everything in it and it also has these super cute stickers that it comes with it in the front. There are also different sizes of these however, I linked  the one down below for 22.00 in the Indigo Gypsea print). Even though these are a little bit pricy they do last for 17 months instead of 12 and do have a lot of great added features.

I hope this gives y’all some sort of insight on what to buy your spring babes for their birthdays or other special events! Happy Tuesday!




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  1. Okay I’m usually really bad about gift giving in the spring for some reason but I know so many people who would love these! Especially the mugs! Thanks!

  2. awwh these are lovely gift ideas! am guilty of buying thematic gifts based on seasons and never end up using them.

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