Our Story: How we Met.



Aldin and I met when I first starting working at the gym. Although we got hired around the same time we somehow always worked opposite shifts. However, I knew of him because people would always refer to him as the “big guy” and he knew of me because I was labeled as the “girl with the nice butt” real flattering right? But only hearing about each other all changed  one Friday morning on August the 25th. Yes of course I remember the date Duh! lol Anyways… so our shifts ended up overlapping  that day and I was hard core creeping on him for an hour in the kids room where I was scheduled to work just dying for my shift to end so I could go talk to this mysterious guy.  Eventually I went to go clock out at the front where he was and we just started talking and really hit it off quick and let me tell you he acted nothing like his looks! He was shy and super sweet unlike the typical stereotype you think of when you see big buff dudes. After talking for awhile I literally asked him out on a date. Yes you heard right I asked him out lol. Ohh and btw the day we met there was the biggest hurricane ever coming to Houston Texas that was supposed to touch ground in our area that night. But regardless of all of that we ended up going to Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant and that is where he made me fall in love … with their sweet tea! Bet you thought I was going to say him for a second! Although yes I do love him now of course and we honestly have such a loving caring relationship, we help each other be one’s best selves and always encourage each other in whatever we do. I truly believe that God put Aldin into my life for a true purpose and reason. Aldin really is my best friend and my go to person for anything and everything and that’s what makes our relationship so great! So there you have it that’s the story of how we met! Funny thing is is that when I met him I was working on being my best self and re-gaining my confidence back and truly was just focusing on me and that really is usually when the best things come into your life because God’s timing is always different than ours and just remember that good things will come your way as your striving to become your best self and by always staying positive. Until next time lovely’s!
XOXO-Amber 💋

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