My Workout Routine: How I lost 20 pounds!





Hello Friends! I’ve mentioned loosing a lot of weight a time or two so it’s only fair as well as reasonable that I tell you how I did that and what my current workout routine consists of to help me maintain my current weight. So lets get started!

Where do I go?
For starters I go to 24 hour fitness. I really like it there because they have group classes taught by highly trained instructors as well as a hot tub pool and sauna and they really are pretty much always open 24 hours! With that being said the first step is to find a gym that you like and one that you will feel comfortable at and actually want to go to consistently.

What do I do at the gym?

start off with doing 20 minutes of cardio on the stair master. (I put it on a level 5). Then that is followed by 10 minutes of walking/running on the treadmill at an incline of 10 and speed of 3.0. If you are first starting out you don’t need to do all of these things as intensely or at the same levels and speeds. After 30 minutes of cardio I do abs for 20 minutes 3 days a week. Do what feels right to YOU. I typically go to the gym five days a week for about an hour to an hour and a half. The best thing to do when going to the gym is to make a schedule of all the days and times that you will be going. Consistency is key. Another motivation is to have a workout buddy! I go all the time with my boyfriend so a significant other is always a good choice or you can go with a friend ( which by the way is equally just as fun).

What Do I eat?

I’m currently on the Keto Diet which consists of high fats high protein and minimal carbs and sugars. I personally eat 50 or less carbs a day. To learn more about the Keto diet there are plenty of good books at Barnes and Nobles that you can purchase for tips as well as recipes. The Keto diet also has a lot of health benefits such as increased levels of good cholesterol reduced blood sugar as well as insulin levels. This diet is also good for people with high blood pressure because studies show it can lower it. I recently bought a book from Barnes and Nobles that gives you all the information you need to know about the diet. The book I have is called Keto in 28 but there is lots of options to choose from and you should pick which book would be most beneficial to you! 

Link to the Keto Diet books that Barnes and Nobles sells:

Why are cheat day important?

Cheat days are important to reward yourself for all of your hard work and to have one day for your body to relax. It’s also important to be consistent and to choose the same day each week as your cheat day unless you have a special event or occasion such as for myself I am going to the rodeo and will NOT be eating healthy there. Way to many yummy foods! Lol. So that’s it. That is how I lost 20 pounds. Also, please be sure to remember that it took me a good 3-4 months to loose the weight so do not get discouraged if you are not seeing the results as fast as you would like. Just keep working hard and stay positive! 

Hope this helps and gives you an insight on my workout routine and how I stay fit and healthy! 

Coming soon- Ab Workout Routine (: 
XOXO- Amber 

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