My weight loss journey and how I found my self-worth.



In June of 2017 I was about 15 pounds over my ideal weight and was on lots of medicine for my anxiety that was physically and mentally draining. I hated wearing tight clothing such as jeans and jean shorts and I just felt so completely awful about myself so I decided I wanted to change that and  got a membership to the gym and starting going to the classes that they hosted each morning. (Lots of intense cardio as well as some free weight exercises). I ended up liking the gym so much that I decided to get a job there at the end of the summer and since then my life is completely different. I met my current boyfriend there who truly loves me for me as well as got off of all my medications for my anxiety. I am a much happier and confident person and have now achieved my weight loss goals. I can now fit into my jean shorts and actually feel confident in the clothes that I am wearing and the best part of all is that I did it the safe and healthy way! I also changed my hair back to my natural color (red) because I felt confident enough in myself to do so and to realize that God gave me that hair color for a reason. I feel better than ever now! Now here I am to share with you all how to be a healthier happier more confident you. XOXO- Amber💋

Quote of the Day-
“The journey is long but their is always a destination”








6 thoughts on “My weight loss journey and how I found my self-worth.

  1. Beautiful post! I’m on a weight loss journey as well! I just started adding in exercise daily so your post was perfect timing! Congratulations! You are beautiful!

  2. Congrats! I’m kinda where you were – about 15-20 lbs over my ideal weight and working towards getting back to where I was. It’s definitely a journey!

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