How to Get Tone Abs in 30 Days.

Hello Everyone!  Today Aldin and I have decided to share our ab routine with y’all. One version is the modified version of all of these exercises which is how I do everything as in more for beginners and the other version is for advanced individuals who have been working out for a long time like Aldin. These exercises have really worked for me as well as Aldin to achieve a flatter and more toned  stomach. However, you need to remember that these results will vary based on a number of different factors such as dieting as well as your body type but they have worked for us and am hoping they work for y’all as well! Now let’s get started (:

The first exercise is called the ab roller and as you can see there are a few different ways to do it. Aldin’s way is for more advanced people but do not worry there is a easier way for beginners to do it as I will demonstrate.


















The first few steps are the same for the regular version and my modified version. You put your knees on the mat for comfort with your feet in the air and grab the ab roller. Then you begin to roll outwards dropping your hips with your arms out in front of you and go outwards until your abs almost touch the ground pausing for a moment…. Then squeeze your abs and pull yourself into the starting position. Now for people who are not as advanced you can stop yourself with a wall so you will not go out as far and it makes it a lot easier as I am doing pictured above.


Now after resting for a few seconds I grab a ball and put my feet on top of a exercise ball with my body in a push up position balancing my feet on the ball. Then I move my knees to my chest until my legs touch my chest then with my feet still not he ball I extend my knees backwards back into the starting position. But you can put your knees on the ball instead to make it a little easier instead of your feet.




Then the final exercise we do is a different way to do toe touches. To start you put your feet on the wall with your booty touching the wall then you raise your arms in front of you raising your shoulder blades off the ground and try to touch your toes. After raising your shoulder blades off the ground you go down to the starting position.


We personally do each exercise back to back and resting after the third ab exercise. Then after a minute we do each exercise all over again for about four times and repeating the movements of each exercise fifteen times.

Also if you would like to have a personalized meal plan and or diet for each week based on your personal needs Aldin can do this for you at a good price! He is not a medical professional but he has helped me look the way I do because of his personal interest as well as experience with health & fitness. For contact information go to the “Contact Me” page.

So there you have it! That is are current ab routine that really works for us! Like share or leave a comment down below if you tried any of these exercises and hopefully you see great results like we have! Happy Sunday Everyone!


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