How I get Lululemon clothing at a discounted price!


 Hi new friends! Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret. (Keep reading to find out what it is). I first discovered Lululemon when one of my friends literally had a closet full of lulu stuff. I mean seriously she had like ten pairs of leggings and about twelve shirts (all the same style but different colors) and I kept thinking to myself why in the world would someone spend their money on a 100 dollar pair of leggings and 50.00 dollar workout tanks? Well this answer came to me when I ended up borrowing one of her shirts because mine got wet from swimming all day and I finally realized what the hype was and is about Lululemon. You see no other leggings had ever fit me so well and felt so soft not to mention how stretchy they were and made my body look absolutely amazing! As far as for the shirts they are equally as comfortable and you don’t have to wear a bra with the ones I get (an added bonus). I know I am now a  die hard Lulu fan and you will never catch me wearing anything else when spotted at the gym because there clothes are amazing and no other  pair of leggings are as stretchy and form fitting all in one like these! These also stay true to their color for a long time; however, I also hang dry all my Lulu stuff as well as the rest of my clothes for that matter.


So with all that being said how do you buy Lululemon clothing without breaking the bank? 
The answer is simple you go to the outlet malls! There are two here in Texas that I know of one being at the Houston Premeire Outlets in Cypress Texas  and the other one at the Tanger Outlets in San Marcos right by Texas State University! 

Now down to the good stuff- the price difference!   I bought the same tanks with the built in bras at the outlets for 20.00 dollars. (I believe there are called the power Y tanks).  versus the regular Lululemon store sells them for 52.00- 54.00 dollars a piece. Now as for the leggings go I bought the leggings for 60.00 dollars at the outlet store versus the regular store where they are 98.00 dollars.  So there you have it that is my secret to having high quality amazing workout outfits without breaking the bank! So go ahead and run straight to these outlets now to get the clothes you want without breaking the bank.
Happy Friday! And get your lulu on. 

XOXO- Amber 💋

Directions and locations of outlet malls mentioned above

Premiere outlets
Tanger Outlets

3 thoughts on “How I get Lululemon clothing at a discounted price!

  1. Thanks for the tips, at we’re always looking for money saving tips.
    I love lulu lemon and had no idea that they had outlet stores. Do you have any apps you use to get discounted clothing?

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