Wildseed Flower Farm.





Hello lovely friends! Aldin and I are finally back from our trip to Austin and we have two amazing blog posts to share with y’all! This one is about a cute little flower farm that we visited in Fredericksburg which is about an hour west from Austin.
When we went the flowers were not yet in full bloom BUT luckily for y’all they will be in about two weeks! Yay! Anyways, the place is called Wildseed farms and it was completely free to park as well as to walk around and look at and of course take pictures in the flower fields!
 They also had a little store inside which had seeds to take home and plant of every different kind of flower possible including sunflowers which are my favorite! (We ended up taking a pot of blue bonnets home for about 6 dollars). So if y’all are looking for something fun to do on a budget look no further because this place is defiantly worth checking out! I promise!!! Hope everyone had an amazing spring break! XOXO- Amber 🌺
 PS). My floral romper is from Charlotte Russe and my floppy hat is from Off Saks 5th Avenue!

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  1. I love your romper sooo much!! I'm going to Charlotte Russe website right now! These pictures are so cute, by the way. It looks like you had so much fun. 🙂

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