DiY Dollar Store Easter Mason Jars!

Hello friends! Today’s post is a DIY project for Easter! These little guys are the perfect little decor to set on a table or mantle. They are kid friendly as well! I only spent 10 dollars on all of this stuff! Crazy right?  Now let’s dive in to see how I made this super cute decor! 

For this project you will need:
1). Flowers and little eggs with sticks on them (Dollar Tree).
2). Three mason jars (Dollar Tree).
3). Plastic flowers to glue on (Dollar Tree).
4). Pink and white felt cutout Easter set. (Dollar Tree).
5). Hot glue gun. I got mine from Hobby Lobby.
6). A black sharpie. 
7). Candy egg malts (Dollar Tree).
8). Colored paints. I got these from hobby lobby as well.
9). Fake grass (Dollar Tree).
!0). Plastic Easter eggs with bunny faces on them).

For the first jar I painted it purple waited for it to dry and then hot glued the flowers in random places all over the mason jar.  To make the bunny face I used the lid of the mason jars painted it white and then used the felt kit for the ears and nose. (If you can’t find an Easter felt kit I would recommend buying a piece of white and pink felt and cutting them out yourself). However, this felt kit I bought made it SO much easier! After hot gluing the felt pieces I then used the black sharpie to draw the face of the bunny. 

For the second jar I first placed the grass at the bottom of the jar and then used the eggs on a stick as well as the flowers and arranged them to my liking. I also put a cute little bunny face on the mason jar which is simply a plastic Easter egg that I opened up and hot glued on the front of the jar. 

For the third and final jar I filled the bottom of the jar with the grass and then poured the malt eggs in the jar and made another bunny face to seal it with. 

So there you have it! Those are my decor that I made for Easter this year. Simple, Cute and Inexpensive! Also, all of this stuff can be modified to your liking such as the colors of the flowers as well as the paint colors😊

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